How to grow your cryptocurrency investments

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The cryptocurrency market is constantly growing, attracting the attention of countless investors, whether they are beginners or veterans in the field of investors.

If you are starting in this field, it is important that before thinking about increasing your cryptocurrency investments, you are aware of the current market, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as all the risks involved in investing in cryptocurrencies.

Here we will give you some tips on how to increase your cryptocurrency investments, understanding that there are other interesting ways to profit, which go beyond trading assets.

Store Your Cryptocurrencies

Buying and holding your cryptocurrencies is the easiest way to increase your investment. Here you will need to have a little patience and wait for the opportunity to come.

This method is very simple, just have a secure investment portfolio and follow the progress of your cryptocurrency in the market. It is possible to wait years for a good selling opportunity to appear, so it is very important to analyze and understand the market before deciding which cryptocurrency to buy.

Become A Lender

As in the stock market, in the cryptocurrency market it is possible for investors to choose to lend their cryptocurrencies for margin trading.

But unlike stocks, where only stockbrokers can act as lenders, in the crypto market, regular Bitcoin users can act as lenders in cryptocurrency trading.

Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized, both the creditor and the debtor remain anonymous. In this way, you can borrow your coins on cryptocurrency exchanges, being able to apply an interest rate and set a maximum loan period.

Get Paid For Online Activities

Have you ever thought about earning cryptocurrencies by listening to music or answering a survey? There are several platforms on which it is possible to register and earn digital currencies to carry out some activities.

On some sites you receive points for performing the activity, after reaching a certain number of points, you can exchange them for cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. On platforms like Bitradio, where you earn points for listening to the radio, you need to sync your cryptocurrency wallet to your account.

Another example is Bitfortip, it allows users to earn coins by answering questions posted within the platform. If you have extensive knowledge on some of the topics it is possible to increase your cryptocurrency stock.


Staking works like cryptocurrency mining, you will contribute to the efficiency and ongoing security of blockchain projects and in return you will earn rewards.

The process is simple and you can do it through a project portfolio with which you have some cryptocurrency or through trading platforms.

Savings Account

Cryptocurrency savings accounts work in the same way as traditional savings accounts, you keep the money for a fixed or flexible period and the bank pays interest on the amount saved.

The great differential of cryptocurrency savings is interest rates, while traditional savings generate negligible interest on the value, from cryptocurrency savings the interest can reach 12%, greatly increasing the value saved.

As we mentioned, there are many ways to increase your investments in cryptocurrencies, including trading itself can generate incredible profits, but because these are high-risk investments, risking all your chips in a single way can be quite risky.

Therefore, finding alternative ways to earn coins and increase your ccryptocurrency investments can be an excellent option to increase your profits.

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