Cryptocurrency x stocks: What’s the better choice for you?

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Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular in the market, making investors begin to take more and more interest in these currencies. However, many are still quite afraid to invest, with doubt always arising, shares or cryptocurrencies.

To differentiate the actions of cryptocurrencies, we have separated 5 items:

CONTROL : Digital currencies are decentralized, that is, they are not linked to banks or institutions, allowing negotiations to occur more freely. The shares are controlled by companies and investors purchase through authorized brokers.

OPENING HOURS : One of the main differences between investments is the opening hours. While the stock exchange operates during business hours (Monday to Friday), the crypto market operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The flexibility of schedule allows for new opportunities at all times for the investor. 

INITIAL VALUE: To start investing in the stock market it is necessary to make a high investment, since trading on the Stock Exchange is carried out in batches, each lot is equivalent to 100 shares. However, it is possible to purchase in fact or smaller lots, non-standard, this way you can buy between 1 and 99 shares.

This fractional system is already used in the crypto market, allowing the purchase of coins by fraction, being able to find fractions with a minimum price of R$ 10.00.

VOLATILITY : The main concern of investors regarding the cryptocurrency market is volatility. But it is important to remember that the stock market also fluctuates.

SECURITY: The crypto market is as secure as the Stock Exchange, using blockchain technology to ensure security and reliability for investors.

Stocks or Cryptocurrencies: Where to invest?

Despite all the differences, both cryptocurrencies, when shares are classified as variable income investments, that is, they are investments aimed at the profit they will acquire with the asset, renouncing fixed income.

However, as much as in variable income assets are volatile and returns are unpredictable, it is possible to observe long-term returns.

Each market will have advantages and disadvantages, it is important to know your profile as an investor, so that it is possible to identify the best strategy based on its characteristics, always meeting your needs.

Many investors are using cryptocurrencies as a form of protection for undervalued currencies, acting as a store of long-term value. There are many currencies available for trading, but assets with solid designs are often the most sought after.

Unlike investors in the crypto market, those who are buying shares are looking at the company’s potential for appreciation, growth and distribution of profits, since when buying a share, the investor becomes a partner in the company.

To invest in any of the markets, it is necessary to know them, trying to understand how they work, always carrying out analyzes and studies so that decisions are made aware. Remember when investing that both possibilities may fluctuate, you must be careful with the amount invested.

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